I believe I absolutely made the right decision to partake in the UGC project, it has 100% increased my employability skills which I would not have gained had I have written a dissertation. The report we have produced is of a very high standard and I am proud with the work we have done. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Carlisle City Council and my team and hope that the solutions we have suggested can really make a difference to Carlisle.

Jessica Johnston


Thank you for the way you conducted the UGC Project throughout this last year and also for the advice and information you gave me regarding the credibility and worthiness of the CIM awards, so shortly after our group had just completed our presentation.

Only recently I’ve secured a job working as a marketing assistant for a company in Newcastle, whom offer the opportunity to travel (Vancouver included) so I’m confident my plans to work in Canada are still very much imminent. (Most of my interview was spent discussing the practical experience I’ve gained, which largely included the UGC Project to which my boss seemed fairly impressed by!)

Once again a big thank you for everything and hopefully my next email is sent from across the pond!

Brian Fenwick