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We, Apex consultancy are a group of Newcastle Business School undergraduates; studying Business with International Management. Together, we encompass a group of dedicated and…


Our team stands for Creativity, Excellence, Enthusiasm and Loyalty which helped up to develop our team name: CEEL. These are traits that we feel all team members

Grey’s Consultancy

We took the opportunity to do the Undergraduate Consultancy Project in order to develop a wider range of skills that we would not have got the chance to do in the classroom…


We have decided to participate in the Undergraduate Consultancy project this year as primarily we wanted a practical experience that involved making a real difference


The print unit is a successful part of the Gateshead Council; as a result it has been successful within the local area. They are now in a position to expand the services regionally…


So far we have thoroughly enjoyed the UGC experience. Particularly, we have enjoyed the variety of tasks which we’ve been involved in, as they have combined


From the offset, we are aiming to apply theory into practice whilst simultaneously gaining invaluable experience within a business environment. We seek to…


As a group but also individually we are delighted to be given the opportunity to undertake the Undergraduate Consultancy Project. We feel that following on from our placement year, this is a…


ĒVOLVERE comprises of a small team; Thomas Homan, Harry Marshall, George Reid & Jodie Rose. We have a wide variety of experience across a number of different industries…


We are HENKŌ, a group of hard-working, focused individuals, who intend to bring positive changes to our client’s current standing. We are excited to embark on this…


Hello, this is K I S Consulting. K I S stands for Knowledge, Innovation and Strategy respectively, which is the vision of the firm: Bringing knowledge, innovation …

New Bridge Consulting

Welcome to the blog of the New Bridge Consulting team! Here you will be able to follow our development and keep updated on our progression throughout

RedBanana Consultants

We are RedBanana Consultants. Our group has 4 members, Valerie, Sophie, Rachel and Wafaa. Our team leader is Rachel, although our team is very democratic


We decided to take the UGC project as it seemed very appealing and practical, which is what business is all about. The experience and skills…


As the weeks are closing in, the excitement is growing towards meeting our clients. We are looking forward to introducing a new perspective and fresh solutions

Consilium Consultancy Group

Consilium Consultancy Group are a collection of final year Business Management Undergraduates.

  • John O’Sullivan – Team Leader
  • Ben Parkinson
  • Gareth Gardner
  • Ryan Ratcliffe



As a team we are very excited to meet the client to see what project has been provided to us. We can’t wait to get started and build up good working relationships with the client…


I applied for the Undergraduate Consultancy Project as I hope to gain valuable experience working with an SME in order to help them to achieve the new goals that…


We at Team Ignite are a group of Accounting and Finance students undertaking this practical project to gain real business experience. We hope to increase our commercial awareness…


Welcome to the blog of team Logic Consultancy. Our team consists of Jack Robinson, Chris Oliver, Jack Barratt and Daniel Port. We are from a mixed university background…


Welcome to NUS Consultancy’s Bio. Our small team consists of four Business Management students; Jamie, Elliot, Dominic and Caroline. Our commercial experience

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X Consulting – Post 2

After being all prepared and ready for the initial client meeting, we went to the university where the client met us along with Nigel. Lucy was a great and inspired person and was lovely to get a chance to meet her.  We started off by introducing ourselves to get the...

X Consulting – Post 1

Our first meeting started in town, where Hussain Ebrahim and Habib Bushehri went to buy suits in preparation for the client meeting. We were very excited about getting suited and booted and meeting the client. We have conducted a research prior to the meeting in order...

Meeting with the European Youth Parliament

Just had out first client meeting that went really well, the whole group are all really positive about the company and client. We are all looking forward to getting stuck in and helping European Youth Parliament.   It was lovely meeting Robert and hearing what he...

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