Thank you so much for visiting this site. In 2013, along with my colleagues, we launched the UGC Project, which is part of the Newcastle Business School’s Business Clinic.

We are in the most dynamic profession, giving us the opportunity to make a real difference to the employability of our students, and at the same time make a substantial contribution to the business world. The Undergraduate Consultancy Project (UGC) gives students first-hand experiences of working with real companies, and at the same time makes a real difference to organisations.

The Business Clinic is an education scheme whereby a group of business students participate in a ‘consultancy firm’ to provide advice for our clients. We are fortunate to be working with very exciting organisations with passion and drive; they’ve set some very challenging consultancy projects for the students. We hope this experience will guide them towards becoming true leaders of the future.

This is an exciting program where the students integrate the knowledge acquired and apply this to number of live consultancy project with potential to strategically influence their output.

We have created this site so that we can share the continuing personal and professional development of our talented students who are involved in the Undergraduate Consultancy Project.

I hope you find this site interesting. If you would like to share your knowledge with the students in order develop their projects further I would love to hear from you, Kumud.wijayaratna@northumbria.ac.uk