Being able to work with a real organisation on real issues gave the project so much more meaning than simply working off a case study. Seeing our recommendations being implemented merely days after submitting the report made was incredibly satisfying.

Harry Marshall

Team Evolvere, 2015


Thank you so much for visiting this site. In 2013, along with my colleagues, we launched the UGC Project, which is part of the Newcastle Business School’s Business Clinic.

We are in the most dynamic profession, giving us the opportunity to make a real difference to the employability of our students, and at the same time make a substantial contribution to the business world. The Undergraduate Consultancy Project (UGC) gives students first-hand experiences of working with real companies, and at the same time makes a real difference to organisations..


What we do

“No task is a long one but the task on which one dare not start. It becomes a nightmare”. Charles Baudelaire

The Business Clinic is an education scheme whereby a group of business students participate in a ‘consultancy firm’ to provide advice for our clients. The service is offered for all types of businesses from SME’s, multi-national and through to not for profit organisations. Since the launch of the business clinic, the process has been highly acclaimed by clients as a major success, as students get to the root of the problem and show results in a detailed report and presentation of their recommendations…




“I believe I absolutely made the right decision to partake in the UGC project, it has 100% increased my employability skills which I would not have gained had I have written a dissertation. The report we have produced is of a very high standard and I am proud with the work we have done. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Carlisle City Council and my team and hope that the solutions we have suggested can really make a difference to Carlisle.”

Jessica Johnston